Federico Galliano

Brut Nature Millesimé
High Quality Sparkling Wine
Traditional Method

Grape variety: 100% RHINE RIESLING
fermentation in stainless steel tanks
Altitude: 540 metres above sea level
Slope: from 30 to 65% with southerly - south-easterly exposure
Pruning technique: Low Guyot
Soil: 60% tufaceous rock - 38% sandstone - 2% calcium and chalk
Average yield per hectare: 62 hl.


The grapes, obtained from a “mountain vineyard”, ripen nicely at the end of September, reaching a good level of maturity while retaining significant acidity, a decisive element for long conservation. The grapes are rigorously hand-picked and harvested into plastic crates. Soft pressing with no prior crushing. Fermentation takes place at very low temperatures, this being necessary to transmit and stabilise the aromatic qualities of this wonderful grape. The resulting wine is bottled in the March of the year after harvest and, after dosage and the immediate addition of yeast from the batch, it undergoes second fermentation. At the end of this process, which creates the characteristic foam, the wine continues to mature on lees for about 24 months. Then “riddling” and “disgorging” operations prepare it for consumption, which takes place from about three years after harvesting.


Fine, intense perlage and persistent foam generate an elegant creamy, enveloping wine, streaked with greenish highlights that tend towards dull pale straw yellow. The bouquet features citrus and floral scents, with carbide mineral notes, joined by acacia blossom and honey as it evolves. Full, dry flavour with hints of wheat, alfalfa, ripe berry fruits and touches of Amalfi lemon and Savona chinotto orange. An ambitious finish, sustained by dryness and persistent, unbridled aromatic complexity.


Charcuterie, shellfish, molluscs and blue cheeses.

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